Vblock Technology

Gravitas Private Cloud Services
Gravitas Private Cloud services enable funds of any size access to a secure, scalable and hosted infrastructure built on the latest virtualization and cloud technology from VCE Corporation.


About VCE and Vblock
VCE, a consortium of the undisputed leaders in virtual computing (EMC, Cisco, VMware and Intel), was formed to develop Vblock — a truly converged platform for cloud-based computing. As opposed to disparate vendor components, the Vblock infrastructure integrates the networking, computing, storage and virtualization layers at the core. This ensures that your infrastructure can seamlessly and reliably deliver application performance and business agility.


Vblock Technology
Each of the components is carefully selected and validated, enabling clients to run applications on a high performance, stable and supported configuration.


The Vblock platform comprises:
• Virtualization by VMware
• Networking by Cisco Nexus® switches
• Computing by Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS)
• Management by EMC Ionix™ Unified Infrastructure Manager
• Single point-of-point contact, Delivery & Support VCE
• Security Information Event Management by RSA enVision® (optional)
• Governance, Risk and Compliance by RSA eGRC ® (optional)
• Two factor authentication by RSA(optional)

What this means for your firm
Ultimately this translates to distinct advantages: faster time to market; access to market-leading technology at dramatically reduced upfront IT costs; greater security, and less downtime with fully tested, secure infrastructure. The Gravitas Private Cloud allows customers to focus on investment decisions and less time on managing IT issues. Read more about the advantages of a Gravitas Private Cloud.

Gravitas Vblock Systems are engineered according to best practices to ensure the highest security and to simplify demanding compliance requirements. Rest assured that in today’s dynamic security landscape, Gravitas can support compliance with stringent regulatory standards as well as proprietary risk management policies.


Gravitas Vblock Systems put proven methodologies and best practices into action – successfully delivering a converged infrastructure service:
• Developing a customized strategy and roadmap for cloud computing
• Architecting, designing and implementing a virtual infrastructure
• Addressing the people, governance and operational policies that are as important as technology in enabling the transformation to a cloud computing environment


Six Levels of Security
Gravitas Vblock Systems offer you Six Levels of Security:
• High availability & data protection
• Isolation through secure multi-tenant design
• Compliance
• Service assurance
• Tenant management & control
• Better network management & control


Data Protection
Today, loss of critical data could result in catastrophic loss for an enterprise. Vblock’s Continuous Snapshot Recovery can take a snapshot of your critical data or entire infrastructure to enable near-instant restoration of your server to a healthy state.


For more information on Gravitas Cloud services, contact sales@gravitas.co


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