Gravitas Atmosphere™

Secure Remote Access and Online File Sharing for Alternative Funds


Gravitas Atmosphere™ enables instant, secure access to important files across all devices anytime, anywhere. Users can seamlessly share files across all Macs, PCs and smart devices while protecting critical company and client information. Learn more about Gravitas Atmosphere.


Gravitas Atmosphere™ was created in partnership with EMC to offer a secure and flexible online file sharing service specifically for the needs of alternative asset managers. Powered by Gravitas Private Cloud, Gravitas Atmosphere™ combines Syncplicity’s end-user client with EMC Atmos cloud storage to give users the freedom to share files from any device – all while enterprise security and control is maintained.


Gravitas Atmosphere™ can offer you seamless access to corporate data and shared files for funds of any size and provides:


Mobile Access to Critical Data: Users can easily sync, access and share files with colleagues, anytime, anywhere and on any device within a private and secure environment.


Secure and Flexible Data Management: Your firm’s critical data resides in a secure, isolated environment powered by VCE’s Vblock – a best-of-breed converged technology platform with six layers of security. This private online file sharing service gives individuals the flexibility they want, while maintaining the positive control over sensitive data the enterprise needs.


Scalability: Storage can be dynamically added as your requirements increase. Atmos storage provides a highly scalable, modular architecture than can easily grow your needs. This will extend the operational value of corporate data by enabling global user access.


Reduced risk and increased security: Syncplicity online file sharing is user-friendly yet provides firms with complete control over data and storage resources by linking data governance, compliance and policy controls to sync-and-share functionality.


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